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Erng Weng Cheang is exporter of high quality fruits from Thailand. Our famous and celebrated fruits are namely Nam Dorkmai mango, Nam Horm coconut, pineapple, and Tubtimjan rose apple. With conserve quality of exporting more than 10 years from Thailand to Singapore, is well guarantee symbol of goods quality sent directly  to hands of all customers.

Nowadays, Erng Weng Cheang has grown up bigger and is now moving forward to international market. With over ten years experiences in selecting and handing the best things,
We promises to reserve our same quality goods without neither shortage nor shortcomings, together with promoting higher standard in our producing processes.

As all customers are important persons, so Erng Weng Cheang is paying attention in even insignificant details in all steps since selecting until packing procedures. Erng Weng Cheang chooses only good grade materials in packing our products to ensure that all goods will be delivered to your hands with 100% fresh and new quality.

Because cleanness is significant, Erng Weng Cheang is interested in cleanness and hygiene of place for keeping goods and producing products so that customer can be convinced that all goods from Erng Weng Cheang are coming with cleanness and quality.

Another thing that makes us, Erng Weng Cheang can be in market over ten years is providing services with friendship from our heart. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us, you can look into details for contacting us in this page