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Thai Pineapple

Pineapple is a kind of fruit that has good taste and high quality in medication.
It has quality in digest meat foods, enriching food absorption, extinguishing
heat and remedy thirst.
Pineapple also has substances such as sugar, acidic, and vitamins.
It helps to prevent kidney inflammation disease, high blood pressure, and trachea swell.
Pineapple of Erng Weng Cheang is famous in fresh, new, tight and crisp meat.

Young Coconut (Nam-Horm)
Nam Horm Coconut (香椰子)

Erng Weng Cheang selects only good grade, fresh, and big Nam Horm coconuts
from coconut trees to keep and conserve the freshness before sending directly
to your hands. Nam Horm coconuts from Erng Weng Cheang have fragrant smell,
soft and sweet taste. Erng Weng Cheang chooses Nam Horm coconuts
that are well ripe only, they are not too young or too old.

Guava (Gim-Ju)
No Seed Guavas (Gim-Ju)

No Seed Guavas from Erng Weng Cheang have tight and crisp meat,
have sweet, fresh, and a little bit sour taste. You can eat whole of it's fruit.
With standard in conserved keeping in pattern of Erng Weng Cheang,
it is ensure of freshness and cleanness.

Rose apple (Jam-bu or Tab-tim-jan)
Tubtimjan Rose Apple (莲雾):

Good characteristic of Tubtimjan rose apples from Erng Weng Cheang are natural red and fresh fruits that have tight, crisp, and delicious